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Fashionistas established in the mid of year 2007. The goal is to complete the passion of fashion. As a strong-believer of “there is no such things as IN and OUT trends”, Fashionistas provides a wide-range of styles. There are no exact rules to be fashionable, trendy or whatever they name it. By picking our items, you will be as close to be your truly self, which is more likely will make you easier to shop and pick your favorites. Fashionistas is a shop, where you can find not only Clothes (Lollypopcolors label), but also Bags (Dearloo label), Shoes and Accessories. So you’ll be easier to mix-match and get the whole perfect looks. We offer a bunch of ready-to-wear items, comfortable yet stylishly stunning collection. The new collection will be launched in every month. Do not forget that our items always come in limited stocks, therefore you will have limited item(s) which many others will not have. Enjoy shopping and be ready to be Seriously Fashionable without taking it to seriously. Cheers ! Lots of love.
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  • nice collection! sayang gambarnya kekecilan.. :(
    auburnandginger  |  16th March 2011, 9:31 pm
  • iyaaa kah? i'll upload bigger photos :) thankyouuu !
    echienatasia  |  18th March 2011, 2:52 pm
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