Memooi Shop

Memooi Shop
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owner : PuttPutt
created : 16-03-2011
location : Bandung
category : Apparel, Clothing, Fashion
phone : 082310737665
rating : 36
pin : 21DC06A6
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twitter : @kayashijab, @memooi
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about my store :
Memooi is a local fashion brand owned by an ordinary girl having a great passion in fashion and she decided to share them right away through the brand. Memooi creates fashion stuffs that are always ready to wear. We don’t call us designer. We just want to be a brand that carrying you all mooi with something that you will always go when you want an all in one look without getting too much. Memooi stuffs are always come affordable, never too high, and lovely. We go for every trends but never forc
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