Random Explosion

Random Explosion
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owner : Jacinda Dymara
created : 27-05-2012
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category : Accesories, Collectibles, Fashion
phone : +6281808819411
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email : cindacindacinda@live.com
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facebook/website : http://randomexplosion.blogspot.com
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Well-designed things with high taste of art, made with passion and love. Everything is limited to one piece each model to keep its elegance. Grab it fast! Reseller are very welcome. All prices exclude shipping fee. Random Explosion Store menjual barang-barang unik yang pastinya tidak akan ditemukan di tempat lain! untuk biaya kirim cek di website JNE. Checkout randomexplosion.blogspot.com How to order? Asking is also allowed :) Call/SMS: 081808818411 Pin: 285C26C4 1. Format(NAMA, ALAMAT, NO HP, BARANG YANG DIPESAN) 2. Akan kami balas dengan harga total ditambah ongkos kirim (bisa dilihat di website JNE) kami berlokasi di jakarta, juga akan kami kirimkan nomor rekening BCA. 3. Barang yang sudah di book, TIDAK BISA DI CANCEL. 4. Transfer paling lama 1x24 jam setelah barang di book. 5. Barang akan kami kirim paling lama 3 hari setelah bukti transfer kami terima. 6. Tolong beritahu kami kalau barang pesanan sudah sampai. 7. Sorry we can not accept returns, because we've checked our product quality before they are sent to our customer :) HAPPY SHOPPING!
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